Who We Are

We are a curated team of carefully selected and trained animal lovers

Dogitory was founded by Cristina with a main goal in mind: to offer flexible and easy to book services online for busy pet parents, thus being the first company in Prague to provide a fully 100% online pet service!

As an ex-corporate employee she understands how challenging it can be to accommodate a mid-day walk for the furry friend at home or find reliable help during times when office work involves being away from home multiple days or just have vacation!

In addition, most dog training methods involves the dog parents to take extra time which in many cases can be a real stress with today’s busy life!

The training and coaching techniques we use are based on doing the same activities you do every day with your dog (walking, feeding, playing) but using a different approach which can naturally resolve behavioral problems over the long term.

In 2016 she decided to leave the corporate life to fully dedicate to her passion: working in the pet industry!

After 4 years of being directly involved into dog care and the pet industry, 2 of which being full time, Dogitory was born as a result of Prague’s on-going demand of high quality dog care, fully operable online for busy pet parents!

Our team is carefully selected after several interviews both written and practical in which they need to prove they are able to commit to the highest standards of quality services we offer. Following this we have a one month probation period as a final trial. In this time the recruits are typically shadowing Cristina on walks for training purposes and to understand what it is expected from our clients. They will also walk under Cristina’s direct supervision in order to make sure they are the right match for our team. Once they pass the probation period they are officially part of the team and eligible to care of dogs without direct supervision but with 24 support the team!

Our services are tailored for each dog and come with GPS tracked reports and photos. We understand how busy every day can be so our clients enjoy having their own account where they can choose to sign-in and review the data they shared about them and their pets, past notifications or messages from Dogitory, invoices, schedules of the services requested as well as the possibility to book online future services with us.